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Abercorn Landscaping Products


We hold a range of paving from Border Stone.

The paving varies from the most basic concrete slabs which are ideal for simple projects like a base for a shed to a budget range of non slip textured slabs. In addition to this we have a range which has a 'riven'  finish which looks similar to a natural stone finish. These pavers come in a small range of colours and sizes to suit the design of the patio and its enviroment and there are a small number of 'circle' designs

The next level in quality of paving is a range of 'natural' sandstone which is cut from an Indian quarry. The sandstone product comes in a range of colours and sizes as well as in various 'circle' designs which can help break up the symmetry of a patio design.

Decorative aggregates can be used in many ways within the garden to enhance plantings and to create different effects.Decorative Aggregates

We have a good range of different type of natural stones in various colours which can be used on their own or blended. In addition to the smaller 10-14mm aggregates, we have pebbles and cobbles as well as larger lumps of rockery stone, again in varying colours.

Using these type of products in conjunction with plants can really make a real difference to the final appearance of the garden design.

Turf and Lawns

We are able to supply turf to order most of the year, weather and season permitting but if you just require small amounts for patching we stock turf from about early April until about July. The stocking periods are variable due to weather and seasonal variations. We generally have fresh stocks each week on a Friday with the view to sell out by the Sunday as turf does not have a long shelf life !

The Medallion quality of lawn is uses selected cultivars offering enhanced performance in all quality landscaping situations. Key benefits include superior appearance, wear and disease resistance. Consistency in germination and sward development have been improved. Five of the selected cultivars are Rhizomatous, three of these are deep rooting fescues, vital for producing a turf that provides a high level of drought tolerance.

The mix of Seed is typically as follows

Dwarf Perennial Rygrass - 25%          Slender Creeping Red Fescue - 35%        Chewing Fescue - 20%       Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass - 20 %


1sq m  - 610mm (24") wide 1640mm (64.5") long

Lawn Seed

In addition to the turf, we have a range of Lawn Seed suitable for

  • General Purpose applications
  • Shady applications
  • Fine Lawn applications

Often in the garden you can use an arch, arbour or pergolas to create a centre piece or focal point. Finding the right one for you and your garden is important.


We have a range of arches in wood from Forest Garden Products and metal versions from Tom Chambers and Nortene. The wooden arches tend to be a heavier more robust designs while the tubular metal models are more light weight and more discrete, allowing the plant covering it to be the main focus.


Arbours are not dissimilar to an arch but incorporate a seat between the uprights. The arbours we stock are mainly manufactured in treat timber and are available in several designs. We also have a small range of steel arbours which can give the effect of a more historic victorian look.


The Forest Garden range of products has a series of modular products which allows the garden designer to create a wooden structure with uprights and wooden beams ideal for straddling a patio in the form of a pergola. This structure is ideal for growing climbing plants over creating a 'natural' shade area.


Most garden have a fence as its boundary and this can be wooden metal or just a simple planted hedge.

Abercorn holds in stock much of the Forest Garden product range. We can supply basic Lap Panels, Board Panels and the more contemporary Euro style panels. For the more basic panels, these come in a range of sizes from 3ft high up to 6ft high and are all 6ft wide. The Euro panels tend to be more decorative therefore they can come in 6ft high or in half panel sizes.

Many of the panels are now pressure treated for longer life while the more traditional panels can still come with a dip treatment which will require regular treatments during its life.

A range of Garden Gates is available to suit most of the fencing styles.

Our range of trellis varies from open square mesh to Diamond designs . The size of the whole varies to allow for different uses around the garden - for more privacy or for growing plants up.


The timber is often pressure treated for durability and comes in a range of sizes depending on the style.

For a small fee we have a regular delivery service throughout the year to help get the larger products back to your home.