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Abercorn Loyalty Scheme

Gardeners' Reward Card

As a big thank you to our regular customers and as an incentive to all our customers to visit throughout the year, we encourage the uptake of our Gardeners' Reward Card which is FREE to use with the advantage of gaining points for just purchasing products from Abercorn.

The value of the points offered is a whopping 5% and is applicable to nearly all the products we sell including furniture, BBQs, plants, compost and chemicals.

Q    How does it work?

A     Every time you make a purchase, your spend will be logged by swiping 
        your Abercorn Reward Card. At the end of every 2 months (approx), if 
        your spend has been more than £20.00, we will send you a Reward Card
        VOUCHER which will be redeemable against future purchases. 

Q    When do I receive my Reward Card Vouchers?

A     If you have qualified for the reward vouchers, they will be issued to you
        approximately every 2 months. 

Q    How long do I have to spend my vouchers? 

A     Each voucher will have a 'use by' date printed on it allowing approximately 
        2 months from the date of issue.

Q    How do I sign Up? 

A     Simply complete an application form which is available at Abercorn. It is 
        very simple and can be done at any time and you can start collecting 
        points IMMEDIATELY!

Q    What products are exempt from the Reward Card? 

A     A small number of exclusions where we are not able to issue points are as follows: 

  •         Bottled Gas
  •         HTA and other Gift Tokens / Vouchers
  •         Nett price promotions (indicated on Point of Sale)