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Bulbs and Seeds

There are two main seasons for bulbs and for both we use Taylors Bulbs as our key supplier.


Spring flowering Bulbs

For sale during the autumn from about September, we have Spring flowering bulbs which include Daffodils, Crocus, Tulips as the most widely know but we have many different and more specie types like Bluebells, Snowdrops, Anenomes and many more.

Summer flowering Bulbs

These bulbs are for sale from around February and will include Dahlias, Begonias, Gladioli and Lillies in addition to others which are less well known as bulbs, Nerine, Agapanthus, Paeonia, Ixias, and Cosmos.

The varieties listed here are just a flavour of the varieties and for both Spring and Summer flowering, we have selected promotional varieties giving even better value.


With the advent of 'Grow Your Own' seeds have come back into fashion as both traditional and new gardeners enjoy sowing their own seeds and watching them grow through the different stages.

We stock 2 key suppliers, Suttons Seeds and Thompson and Morgan Seeds. Both these suppliers compliment each other as Suttons offer a great range including the basic simple to grow varieties whereas Thompson and Morgan offer a range that include much more unusual varieties for the more discerning seed grower ! Both vegatable and flowers seeds are available as well as good ranges of herbs. For gardeners who wich to grow organically, we have a good range of seeds that have been certified organic.


We also stock varies range of gardening tools to help you plant bulbs and sow seeds.