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Chemicals and Fertilizers


Gardens are wonderful places to enjoy and this means unwanted guests will want to enjoy them in a different way!

Bugs and diseases all want a part of the action so to get the best out of the garden you will have to consider how to deter or remove some of these problems. This can be done either with chemicals which are man-made or alternatively made using natural or organic methods.

Abercorn stocks of a range of chemicals to kill off all kinds of bugs, greenfly and pests as well as products which can help prevent and cure many diseases in the plant world.

With all of us now much more aware of the environment and the effect we as humans have on the flora and fauna there is now a much greater and more effective range of products which are eco-friendly and are considered acceptable to us without causing undue harm to the local environment - ASK in store for advice on the best products for the job.

Weeds on the paths, lawns and within the flowerbeds are a constant problem to gardeners. We have a complete range of products including those that can be quite selective for the best management of a problem. Please ask for advice when purchasing.

BugclearWeed Killer Slug KillerProvado Ultimate Bug Killer



Often the soil in our gardens can be of poor quality, lacking in structure and nutrients. For most plants, this will not be ideal to get the best growth and a healthy plant. It is beneficial to add additional food both at the time of planting and at least annually and this can be done with natural occurring products such as Chicken Manure, Bone Meal and Fish Blood and Bone which all give a balance of food in a granule or powder form.

General purpose foods can also be used such as Miracle Gro or Phostrogen and in addition to this there are many specialist foods which are more specific to replacing certain food elements.

The other main category which needs regular food and maintenance is the lawn. There are many products which can either Feed or Weed the lawn with separate applications but the most popular for product is a granular FEED, WEED, & MOSSKILLER which can be applied in one application.

When considering what Chemical s or Feeds you require for the garden, always seek advice from the staff at Abercorn.

Rockdust Tomorite Poultry Manure Slow Realse Plant Food