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Growing Ornamental Trees


At Abercorn we have on of the best selections of Ornamental Trees in the area with a reputation for excellent value for money for good sized garden trees.

Ornamental trees are typically grown for the display of their  flowers, leaves, scent, fruit, stems and bark. In some cases, unusual features may be considered ornamental, such as the prominent and rather vicious thorns of the Hawthorn family. In all cases, their purpose is the enjoyment of gardeners and visitors.

We have a wide range of trees including


Acers (Maple)  Laburnum Fagus (Beech)  
Betula (Silver Birch)  Liquidamber Ginkgo   
Crataegus (Flowering May)  Malus (Crab Apple) Salix (Willow) 
Cytisus (Pineapple Tree)  Prunus (Flowering Cherry) Sorbus (Mountain Ash) 
Catalpa (Indian Bean Tree) Pyrus (Weeping Pear) Gleditsia 
Cotoneaster  Quercus (Oak)   
Eucalyptus   Robinia   

Trees are an important part of any garden as they give probably the most dominent structural plant within it. There are many things to consider when choosing a tree such as it's shape and final size, whether you wish to have flowers, fruits and of course the type of foliage which can vary enormously in shades of green, reddish purples, yellows and variegated.                            

The different shapes of the foliage will give different effects when the sunlight tries to penetrate. Trees with larger leaves will normally give a heavier shade while others with different shaped foliage will create a dappled effect.

One important thing to remember is to determine how vigourus the root system will be, which, if situated incorrectly, may cause problems with foundations to building or walls or if too close to drainage pipes the roots could crack open the pipes and cause blockages.

Please give a ring if you have any question about stock and any special requirements. 01245 25 73 98.