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Shrubs and Conifers


At Abercorn we have an extensive range of plants which include many shrubs for all aspects within the garden such as sun, shade, dry, wet, lime free and poor soils.

Shrubs are deemed to be plants that have a woody structure above ground and which do not die down each year. Shrubs can be either deciduous, where it drops its foliage in the winter period or evergreen / semi-evergreen which means they hold the foliage all year round.

For ease of shopping, we display our shrubs into basic height catagories such as SMALL (upto 3ft), MEDIUM (4-6ft) and LARGE (6ft +) Within these catagories the plants are in A - Z order.

Depending on the time of year, we have large collections of Ericaecous or Lime Hating plants such as Rhodendrons, Azaleas, Camelia, Pieris and more. These type of plants do not like the nutrient LIME in the soil so when planting it is advisable to check the soil type first.

We have an everchanging selection of SPECIMEN plants, grown both in the UK and from Europe, particularly form Italy. These are ideal for creating an instant garden or just for making a new bed have some height structure from the start.


Conifers can play a big part in the garden as they are nearly all evergreen and have some unusual and defined shapes which can be used amongst other plants or in beds on their own.

Conifer types vary widely and this is often seen in with the folliage. Usually, separating a conifer from a broad-leaf tree is a simple task. Conifers often feature cones (a variety of flower) and bear narrow leaves or needles designed to retain water

Stucturally, conifers can form anything from low growing spreading shapes to small compact rounded shapes and very large pyramid habits that can stand as a specimen on their own.

During the Autumn we take part in promoting Conifers during the NATIONAL CONIFER WEEK which highlights the benfits of this plant range within the garden.