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Tools and Watering


To do a job properly, you need to have the right tool for the right job !

At Abercorn we have a diverse range of tools ideal for the amateur gardener from a number of suppliers.

Garden tools can be found in two basic qualities, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel. The carbon steel tools are good solid tools made from steel which is then painted for protection. Stainless Steel tools are designed in much the same way but will not rust . The other main advantage is that the soil is less likely to stick to the shiny blade.

The handles of these tools can be either wooden or plastic. Although they are manufactured and styled differently, they do the same job.

The tools range from Digging Spades and Forks, Hoes, Rakes, Cultivators to hand Trowels, Forks and Bulb Planters. We also have a range of tools for Children of different ages, also in stainless steel.

Another important range of tools are for cutting. We have quality Shears, Loppers and Secateurs fom various suppliers such as Yeoman, Felco, Gardena and Town & Country.

With the variable weather patterns that the UK has, we never know if it will rain or shine ! However when it is very sunny, we need to be prepared to water our plants in the garden as well as those in Pots, Baskets and in the Greenhouse.


From the Gardena range of products we stock all the basic watering components such as Hose Pipes, Hose Carts, Sprinklers and all the fittings to link them together.

For the garden with less time to stand with a hose, we have a large range of Micro Irrigation products which can be linked to a timer to automatically water the plants and tubs even when you are not at home ! This type of watering system is becomming more popular and with a little forthought, can improve the quality of the garden with less work for you !!