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Water Plants

Seasonally, we have an extensive range of water plants available, including Marginals, Oxyginating, Deep Wwater marginals and Water Lilies.

Marginal Plants

Marginal and Deep water marginal plants make up the larger of the group in water plant catagory. With the exception of some species of sedge and rush, almost all marginal plants grow happily in from the shallows edges of a pond out to a depth between 4" and 1'6" Marginals that require deeper water, like sedge and rush, can be found in the Deep water category . To help reduce algae bloom plant marginals in pea gravel or composts with a reduced amount of nutrient.

Oxygenating Plants

They breathe and condition water.

In addition to oxygenating the water, this category of plant performs two other valuable functions. Firstly, they dissolve nutrients. This helps to reduce algae by conditioning the water and secondly, they provide a shady refuge for fish and their spawn. But beware! Some species of oxygenating plants can be invasive and need to be controlled. Information about which species are, or are not, invasive is contained within individual descriptions.


The Pearl of the Pool !

Apart from their beauty and lovely scent, water lilies provide much needed shade not only for fish and their spawn but help to reduce solar light levels. This reduction in sunlight helps to reduce algae.

We have in stock a range of interesting and useful pond and lake gardening accessories such as aquatic baskets, barley straw bales and eco-treatments that help to reduce blanket weed, algae blooms and restore water clarity.