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Abercorn March Gardening Advice.

Start Sowing

Sowing seeds outdoors is still a bit risky in March, raising seeds in a greenhouse or windowsill offers a good opportunity for an earlier start. With the light levels rising germination time for things like Tomatoes and other Salad crops will improve and you won’t need to keep them indoors for too long as the temperatures improve through April. We have all the seeds and propagation sundries you will need in store and online.

Time to feed the Ground and established pots.

As the ground starts to warm up after the winter chills, the plants outside will start to grow. Over the winter the rains wash through the nutrients in the ground and pots especially the Nitrogen required for early plant growth. So March is a good time to apply a dressing of slow release plant foods to the ground around established plants.

For areas to be planted later a covering of good manure compost worked into the surface will help the structure and feed the soil in readiness for planting. Poultry Pellets are great for fruit plants and vegetable beds for the early Nitrogen boost.

For pots a sprinkle of slow-release foods such as Blood, Fish and Bone or Growmore, followed up with a top up of compost which will see them off to a good start. If planting old pots it’s advisable to replace the compost completely, the old spent compost can be spread on beds and borders to improve the structure, so nothing goes to waste.

Lawn Care

The grass has had a hard time over winter with snow and frost, so now is a good time to build it up and thicken it ready for use in the spring. A strong healthy start will mean it will be more tolerant to the wear and tear it will get during the summer months.

If the lawn dries out sufficiently it can be spiked to let in air, and top-dressed with turf dressing and/or feeds. Remember that grass grows at lower temperatures than many other plants.  Most treatments can also be applied but weed killing will be most effective when the weeds are in active growth. If you want to play safe with children and pets, the Westland Safe Lawn is a great option as it also contains grass seed to add new vitality to your lawn.


Pruning and Planting.

March is the traditional time to prune roses and evergreen shrubs. A good clean pair of Bypass Secateurs or Loppers should be all you need. It is good practice to mulch Roses with Manure or Bark and feed after pruning to give the plant its best possible start. It’s a good time to plant pot grown Roses and Shrubs to give them a chance to establish before the heat of Summer arrives. If you need advice on pruning or what plants to select, we are always here to help.