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Water Conservation in the Garden

Water Conservation in the Garden

We are approaching the longest day in the UK. In June for many parts of the country it has been dry and the warm and the dry weather is set to continue.  It is always a good idea to conserve as much water as possible at any time of the year.  Saving water will help keep costs down if you are on a water meter and want to keep the garden looking good.  There are a number of ways to save water in the garden.

Mulch your garden where possible.  This will stop the soil drying out as quickly and will retain useful moisture.  A mulch on top of hanging baskets and tubs will also help and has the added benefit of keeping weeds controlled.  Adding water retention granules when planting your baskets and tubs will also help.

Install a water butt.  This is very easy, and most water butts come with a kit to attach to your diverted drainpipe.  Make the most of rainy days and use a hose or watering can to empty the butt when required.

If you use a hose in the garden, use it early morning or late in the day - this will mean less evaporation during the hottest part of the day.  Only water where required - using a hose with a 'trigger' action means you can stop and start the water on demand.  Lighter soils may require more water than clay soils, so don't be tempted to water all your garden in the same way.  Seep or soaker hoses are a good idea - they can sit on or just under the soil surface and 'drip feed' the ground around them.  If you plan to be away, then an automatic system will keep your garden watered while you are away.  Set it to come on for set periods every few days.

Use grey water from the bath or sink.  Soap will not do plants any harm (and may indeed deter some bugs!), but do not use grey water that has bleach, disinfectant, or salt in, as this will harm the garden.

Easy ideas to save water.  Enjoy the garden!