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April Gardening Advice

April Gardening Advice

Its finally starting to feel like spring, Easter is around the corner and the garden is starting to grow.  Days are brighter and it feels like time to get into the garden.  Or maybe you are wondering how to spend the lovely Easter days? 

Nights can still be cold, so it is important to protect fruit blossom from frosts.  Use fleece over smaller plants if a frost looks likely.

Trees, shrubs, and hedging may be hungry and could benefit from a dressing of a slow-release fertiliser such as bonemeal.

Prune any shrubs that have finished flowering.  Leave the rest alone!!  Use sharp secateurs or loppers on bigger branches.

Climbing and rambling roses, clematis and honeysuckle will be springing into life.  Tie them into place and train them to go where you want them.

Some bulbs will be finishing and can be deadheaded in April.  If you have an indoor hyacinth that has finished flowering, pop it in the garden for next year.

Sow lawn seed if needed to fix bare patches. Existing lawns will no doubt be needing a cut, so feeding and weeding them at the same time will help maintain a healthy lawn.

Plenty to be doing over the Easter weekend and all month.  Enjoy the garden.