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March Gardening Advice

March Gardening Advice

Spring is just around the corner - we hope! And it is time to enjoy the garden.  Get started on the many jobs once the weather improves

Dig over gardens as the weather warms if the ground is not too damp.  Dig in manure from the compost heap or use bagged manure from the garden centre.  If you have planted green manure in the autumn, march is a good time to cut it down and dig it in - making sure the green is completely covered by soil to get the maximum benefit.

Sow onions and shallots.  As the days warm later in March, plant chitted first early potatoes, making sure they are covered well by soil to avoid frost problems.  Plant trees now and keep them watered.  You will be able to watch them shoot away as they come out of their winter dormancy.

Plant summer flowering bulbs.  Any large perennials can be lifted, split, and replanted.  Or plant new perennials to fill gaps in the garden.

Continue to plant seeds in the greenhouse.  Ventilate on warm days.  Watch for hungry slugs.  You may even be able to cut the grass on warm, dry days.

Get prepared for when the days really warm up!  And enjoy the garden!