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Abercorn Plants

At Abercorn Plant and Garden Centre we sell and stock a wide range of plants, some of which are show below. Plants stock vary due to season or availability. Please fill free to give us a call on 01245 25 73 98 to ask us any questions. If the plant you require is not in stock then we will do our best to source it for you.

We are sure of the quality of our hardy plants* that abercorn will guarantee them for 5 Years. By following our 5 step planting guide you will give your plants the best possible start. Please click here to read more about the 5 year guarantee and conditions...... 

Alpines & Heathers

Alpines and Heathers are ideal companions to other garden plants. Alpines come in a massive variety of shapes and sizes, offering flower or foliage interest throughout the year. Alpines and Heathers are generally low growing  and spreading or of dwarf mound forming habit, allowing you to place them at the front of existing borders or within a rock garden or alpine tubs.

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Bedding & Summer Plants 

Seasonally, Abercorn has a great selection of colourful plants suitable for planting in the beds and borders. During the Spring we have Pansies, Primula and Viola whilst in the Summer the extensive selection includes Bizzy Lizzie, Petunia, Marigolds, Begonia and in the Autumn a range including Cyclemen.

We have a fantastic range of summer plants including Geraniums, Fuchsias and Begonias in bush and trailing forms plus a huge range of trailing plants which are ideal for pots, tubs and baskets.

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Climber & Clematis

Climbing plants and Clematis are ideal for covering up an unsightly fence or wall and for brightening up a pergola or arch. Within our range thee will be something for all aspects from shade to full sunshine with a selection of them being evergreen for all year round cover. The range of Clematis include the Alpina, Montana, Texiensis and Large flowered Hybrids while the climbers range from Ivys, Honeysuckles, Hydrangaea and Trachleospermum.

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Ornamental Trees

Abercorn is known for it's comprehensive selection of Ornamental Trees. Because of their many different shapes and sizes, ornamental trees have a lot to offer any garden, giving shape and structure while also giving the beauty of the flower, form the leaf and some with exciting berries and leaf colours in the Autumn. To help you choose and advice on planting talk to one of our experienced staff.

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Perennials & Grasses

Perennials and Grasses are one of the most interesting ranges of plants as they grow with such diverse colours and shapes. Perennials can offer a array of attributes with masses of flowers, leaf colours and flowering periods while some are evergreen for all year round interest. Seasonally our range is just as diverse with basic species such as Lupins, Delphiniums and Foxgloves to more unusal varieties of Verbascum, Hostas, Aquilegia and the black Opiphogon grass..

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Roses are still the gardeners favourite plant and we reflect this in the wonderfull range of plants which we can offer. Our modern Hybrid T and Floribunda roses are bred with much more resistance to desease nowadays and are available in   a superb selections of colours with fragrance in varying strenghts on many.

To complement these we stock Climbers, Patio, Shrub, Flower Carpet and Standards. For a special gift we have a Celebration range which include varieties such as Golden Wedding, Ruby Wedding, Remeber Me and Best Wishes.

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Fruit Trees & Bushes

With a drive for healthy eating and keeping the carbon miles down, growing your own fruit has never been more popular. Try planting a fruit tree like Apples, Pears, Plums and even Peaches and Apricots. In season we have a large range of soft fruit including Raspberries, Strawberries, Gossberries, Blueberries and even Rhubarb idea for planting. There is no doubt fresh home grown fruit tastes best !

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Herbs & Vegetables

Growing your own Herbs and Vegetables is so satisfying, as you can watch them grow, then harvest them fresh and when you want them straight into the pot ! If you are short of garden space, you can grow many herbs and vegetables in containers on the patio. Potatoes particularly,  are ideal in containers as are carrots, tomatoes and lettice and many Herbs. Seasonally available we have a selection of vegetable plants ready for planting mainly in the Spring and Autumn.

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Water Plants

Water in any form makes the garden seem more tranquil, whether in the form     of a patio water feature, a 'frog' pond or a fish pond and waterfall. Pond Plants are ideal for adding extra interest and to soften the look of the feature as well as naturally adding oxygen to the water. For the wild life, the plants offer much needed shade which also helps to keep the water clear..
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Shrubs & Conifers

Shrubs and Conifers are still the mainstay of any garden, giving the basic framework and structure. Shrubs and conifers are both evergreen and decidious, come in all shapes and sizes with many different shades of leaf colour and flowers. With the advice of our trained and knowledgable staff you will be able to choose a selection of plants which will give you interest around the garden throughout the year creating a backdrop to compement the many other plants in the garden. 
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Planted Tubs & Baskets

For anyone new to gardening, planting your own tubs and baskets can be a bit dawnting or if you are just too busy, we have the answer with a selection of tubs and baskets, planted with bush and trailing plants to give you a mass of seasonal colour, ideal for brightening up the patio or garden.

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