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Abercorn's Gardening Sundries

Birdcare & Pet care

Increasingly looking after the environment, which includes the wildlife in our gardens is becoming more important to all of us. Abercorn has always stocked a comprehensive range of Bird Feeders, Nest boxes, Bird Tables and Foods including Robin, Goldfinch, Wren and Thrush which is now complimented with Bee and Ladybird Boxes, Insect Houses, Bat Boxes and Hedgehog Houses. For our domestic friends we have Pet care products for a range of pets such as Dogs, Cats, Hamsters and Rabbits with food and healthcare products.

The UK seems to be a land of Plant and Animal lovers and this is confirmed by the interest in feeding the wild birds in the garden. As a garden centre, we off a huge range of products fo helping the garden birds. Everything from food which now is available for specific types of bird, Robin, Sparrow, Blackbird, Finches etc as well as traditional Bird Seed and Peanuts. Suet balls are also a favourite !

Bird Feeders come in all shapes and sizes from simple plastic and mesh designs to sophisticated Stainless Steel and Squirrel proof designs. At Abercorn we have a great range of these products to suit all budgets. We also have many types of bird tables that hang or that stand alone as well as classic and more contemporary bird houses for the different species.

In keeping with helping and being at one with Nature, we have a range of foods for other garden animals such as Hedgehogs, Squirrels, and Ducks and Swans. To complement the food we have a range of Nature 'Boxes' or houses for Bats, Hedgehogs, Frogs and Toads as well as habitats to encourage Butterflies, Insects, Bees and Ladybirds back into the garden.

Bulbs & Seeds

Bulbs and Seeds are available seasonably with our key seed ranges from Sutton Seeds and Thompson & Morgan. The ranges include flower and vegetable seeds ideal for the keen gardener to propagate and grow on at home. to complement the seeds, Spring flowering bulbs are available from August / September with old favourites like Daffodils, Crocus, Tulips and many other interesting species while Summer flowering bulbs such as Dahlias, Gladioli, Bush and Trailing Begonias are available from February onwards.

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Chemicals & Fertilisers

Gardeners and nature are always battling against each other with disease pests and weeds always trying to get the upper hand ! Abercorn can offer both natural and man made solutions to most problems with our Environmentally Friendly range of products made from mainly natural extracts or modern chemicals which can be more effective on some of the more demanding problems. For further information on Fertilizers suitable for many different types of plants, Weedkillers, Fungicides and Pesticides speak to our expert staff.

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Using the correct compost is essential to getting the best out of your gardening activities. We mainly stock the Scotts Levington and Miracle Gro ranges which are proven to be excellent quality and offers everything from Seed compost, Potting compost, specialist Ericaceous compost to Manures, Topsoil and Barks which are ideal for improving the soil and the look of the beds.

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HTA Gardening Gift Vouchers

Gardening Gift Vouchers are a ideal gift to give to friends or family for those special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or just to say 'Thank You'. Available in four denominations, £1, £5, £10, £25 or any combination, the vouchers can be redeemed nationally against products to the face value at most garden retailers around the country. Go on, treat someone today !

Gift Tokens

As a member of the Horticultural Trades Association, Abercorn is pleased to be able to sell and redeem the HTA National Garden Gift Vouchers. The HTA Vouchers are the only nationally recognized garden gift voucher which can be redeemed at most garden centres and nurseries throughout the UK. It is as simple as purchasing the value required at face value. Included in the price are a FREE gift card and envelope. Choose from our selection of designs. On redemption, simply present the voucher at the point of purchase. The voucher is treated as part of a normal transaction. However please note that change will not be given if the voucher is under-spent.

Pots and Statues

Container gardening has been popular since the Victorian times and it continues to be so, especially with the huge array of pots and tubs available in many colours and finishes from all over the world including traditional Terracotta, Concrete, coloulfully Glazed to Terrazo and even large 'lightweight' Fibreclay styles. Our statues and ornaments are great to add a little interest into the garden with classic statues to EasterIsland heads or cute animals to remind you of your pets !


Abercorn boasts probably the best collection of pots and ornaments in the area, we have ranges from China, Vietnam, Pakistan, Germany, and the UK . The collections of pots are manufactured in many materials, from Plain Terracotta, Glazed Clay, Fibre Clay, Terrazo to Concrete and Plastic. Our main supplier of the imported terracotta and clay products is Woodlodge Products who are continually sourcing new products and new designs. The stock we hold is continually changing which makes it more interesting each time you visit !


For a light weight product we have a range of well designed plastic containers from Stewart Plastics. The designs are from the simple 'flower pot' style to much more decorative designs which have textured finishes to emulate more natural products.


Again we pride ourselves in having a good range of ornaments for the garden. Many of the garden ornaments are made from concrete, in two colours - Grey Antique effect and Sandstone. The ornaments range from animals and statues to gargoyles and fun planters. In addition to the concrete products, we have many different fun garden novelties such as Birds, 'Leaf Characters', Gnomes and Meercats. These are created in hard wearing resin or metal and add a little bit of fun into the garden !

Tools & Watering

Using the correct tool for the job is essential to getting the best out of the garden as well as making the jobs that much easier. Our range of tools include the quality Gardena brand of Cutting tools with Secateurs, Lobbers and Shears as well as a 'Combi' range of tools which you can interchange tool heads onto one handle. For the digging range of Spades and Forks we have both traditional carbon type and quality Stainless Steel to choose from. We have everything for your watering requirements from Hose Pipes, Fittings to Sprinklers, Timers and to make it all easy, an Automated Dripper system for pots baskets and the garden.

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